Terms and conditions

Terms Acceptance

Following are the terms of service implying terms and conditions of 24x7conference website that the user is bound to adhere to. The agreement details the use of the site and related software as well as services, contents, affiliated site, software, content or facilities owned and controlled by 24x7conference. You agree to abide by the terms and agreement by using, visiting, browsing, or logging in to our website. You must accept services subject to additional conditions before starting our service. You can decline to agree to the terms and agreement anytime by not accepting the same and discontinue using as well as accessing the service.


Changes To Terms:


All the rights to alter upgrade or replace this agreement at any time rest with 24x7conference. We will provide a notice on the site or deliver it to email ids of registered users regarding any changes, upgrade or replacement in this agreement. You are free to not agree to these terms of acceptance by discontinuing the service(s).


Registration Information:

To avail the benefits of our services, you must register on the site using a valid username (User ID) and password. By registering, you automatically agree to provide a correcte, complete and updated information. If the user fails to provide a comprehensive, error free and updated information for registration, it may lead to the breach of this agreement that will further result in the termination of the service and suspension of the account permanently.


Use of Services and Content:

 All the rights of available online contents rest with the organization and the website.  The content may differ as per the user’s subscription level and account exclusivity, restricted to rights, with a standard web browser for using the services, information, software, images, media and other contents available online. You cannot at any cost share or access the materials with others or the third party orally or in written whatsoever without a prior permission of 24x7conference. You also agree to access the site or services only using interface provided by 99webianrs for use in accessing the site. You are also prohibited from using automated means, inclusive of but not restricted to agents, robots, scripts, spiders, and screen scraping tools, to access, monitor, download or copy any part /portion of the site or its content unless prior approval from 24x7conference.

You recognize that the site, services and contents are secured by trademark, copyright, and other proprietary rights of 24x7conference, it’s, and its third party licensors. You agree not to reform, publish, dispatch, transfer, sell or produce as well as create derivative works from any of the content, services, as a whole or in parts, except as expressed in the agreement. Material consisting of or containing downloadable software should not be altered unless specified by its authorized proprietor.

You ensure that the materials such as downloadable software should not be reformed or changed unless detailed by its authorized proprietor.


Rules of Conduct:

You will directly or indirectly not perform or assist in any of the mentioned actions below related to website or services, once you agree to our terms and services:

  • Facilitate or indulge in any activity which is unlawful;
  • Interfere with other user's activities;
  • Collect, store or mine any data or content about the personal information of other users;
  • Circumvent or compromise authentication or security with any services;
  • Post, email, or distribute inappropriate, unlawful, defamatory, calumnious, or obscene content;
  • Post, email, or distribute files containing viruses, malware, Trojans, spyware, or other harmful files and corrupted data;
  • Using services for any commercial purpose, including advertising or solicitation of funds, goods, and services.



This Agreement inclusive of all terms, agreements, and policies integrated into those terms by reference, constitute the entire agreement between the user and 24x7conference where 24x7conference owns and controls the use of the site and services superseding any prior agreements, documents or communications relating to the subject matter to this agreement.

If any part of this agreement is resolved to be irrational or inadequate under applicable law, then the irrational or worthless provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most accurately intent to the original rule, and the remainder of this agreement shall affect to continue.