Giving Effective Feedback: 2024 Guide for Managers & Supervisors

John Ryan
From: Mar 13, 2024 - To: Jan 01, 1970
Recorded Webinar


Employee feedback is a potent tool. If appropriately offered, it can grow and develop the people in your organization, improve trust and communication, and strengthen bonds between employees and managers. Unfortunately, feedback is often ignored or omitted to avoid discomfort for managers and employees.

What You Will Learn

- What is employee feedback?
- Why giving & receiving feedback is essential to an organization and its employees
- Feedback impact on employee engagement
- When should feedback be given?
- Qualities of meaningful feedback
- 3 different types of feedback: positive, negative, & constructive
- Formal vs. informal feedback
- What does exceptional feedback look like?
- Feedback guidelines
- Creating a culture of employee feedback
- Do’s and don’ts of providing feedback
- How to receive feedback

Why Should You Attend 

Participants will come away with strategies for giving feedback that is frequent & effective and helps employers get the outcomes they seek as a result of that feedback.

Who will Benefit

- Senior Leadership
- Human Resource Managers
- Managers
- Supervisors
- Team Leaders
- Project Leaders
- Employees


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